Soft Enamel Pins

Get Lapel Pins Soft Enamel

As you consider various options for creating uniquely designed pins, you’ll come across the term soft enamel. The word “soft” immediately makes you think of soft, flexible material. However, when it comes to pin making, soft enamel is a term used to describe the manufacturing process. When you select soft enamel pins, you’ll receive pins with hardened enamel surfaces, and they look very similar to pins made using the hard enamel process.

What Makes Soft Enamel Different?

Think of soft enamel as the down-to-earth option which gives customized pins lots of individual character. Our process begins by filling recessed areas with enamel that reflects your choices. Enamel is always below the die line, making pin edges clearly visible. The enamel is then baked, and the finished product results in a pin with a textured surface that has a natural look and feel. If you run your finger over the pin’s surface, you’ll feel tiny bumps, and pins have an interesting 3D, embossed quality.

How Durable is Soft Enamel?

Rumor has it that soft enamel is inferior to hard enamel. Well, at Get Lapel Pins can honestly say that this rumor is 100 percent false. Over the years, we’ve made countless pins with soft enamel and they are just as durable as pins made with more time-consuming processes.

What do we mean by durability?

  • No flaking

  • No peeling

  • No color fading

Be assured that if you choose this option, your pins are going to be of the highest quality.

The Modern Appeal of Soft Enamel

Lapel pins made with soft enamel are so hugely popular that they are now the de facto preference for many types of pins. Die struck pins can be made in any number of shapes, colors, and sizes to suit your design needs. The modern lapel pin is often bright, colorful, and spunky.

If you have a fun idea for a pin, Get Lapel Pins can make it happen thanks to technical advances in pin making. If you can dream it, we can do it in soft enamel.

Soft Enamel is Budget-Friendly

To be perfectly honest, it’s easier to create a pin using the soft enamel process. Because there are fewer steps involved, you reap the benefits of cost savings.

Got an Idea?

Great! Our highly-skilled designers who also work with the likes of Disney and Universal are waiting to hear your ideas. It doesn’t matter if it’s only a rough idea; we’re here to help flesh out your concepts for soft enamel pins and create something wonderful. Contact us today.