Pins for Nonprofits

Pins for Nonprofits

Nonprofit organizations exist to achieve lofty goals, and the world is a better place because of them. If you’re running a nonprofit, you know what it’s like to compete with other nonprofits for funds and volunteers. There are so many good causes, that it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle.

One of the many creative tools at your disposal is lapel pins custom made to fulfill the needs of your organization. If you’re looking for ways to expand your reach, creating wearable pins is a cost-effective way to achieve numerous goals. 

Attract Attention to Your Cause

Stand out from the crowd and get noticed by designing a pin that represents your nonprofit in a unique way. Lapel pins can be cute, classy, formal or just plain fun. You can choose to make your pin round, square, triangular, or irregular. You can pick a symbol such as a ribbon, arrow, or flag design, which are recognizable with the public. Human and animal characters can also be attention-getters for causes.

Another thing to consider when designing custom pins is color. Enamel pins can have one, two, or multiple colors. The right combination of colors can really make your pin design pop. Ideally, people will have a positive reaction when they see someone wearing your pin.

Fundraising Gift

Lapel pins make great giveaway items for fundraisers. Lots of potential donors give because they feel close to a cause. However, you can make these donors feel super appreciated with a thank you gift, and that gift can be a beautifully designed lapel pin. Some donors will proudly wear their lapel pin, which passively promotes your nonprofit. Others will admire it as a collectible keepsake; either way, a pin gift makes a good impression.

Promote a Special Event

A great way to promote a 5K run, support walk, luncheon, or similar fun charitable event is to create an event pin. Event pins typically become instant collectibles because they are associated with a specific date. Each year, your nonprofit can create a new design to promote the same event, creating a built-in desire to own a limited-edition pin.

Award Dedicated Volunteers

Nonprofits often thrive thanks to the efforts of numerous volunteers who give freely of their time. Most volunteers are happy to be involved and never expect anything in return. Giving your best volunteers a special recognition pin is a wonderful way to thank them and acknowledge all the things they do for your organization.

Create Pins the Easy Way

Creating lapel pins custom made to achieve your organizational goals is easy with the help of Get Lapel pins. Our talented team of designers is ready to work with you on creating a memorable pin. Contact us online today.