Lapel Pins for Organizations

Lapel Pins for Organizations

These days, many people use lapel pins for organizations to raise money and awareness while boosting team spirit among members. Small metal pins typically worn on the lapel of a jacket or the front of a hat, these jewelry pieces can serve as recognition pins for a special event or just a way of bringing people together. Get Lapel Pins offers a wide array of customization options to meet your needs and desires, without breaking the bank. Custom pins for organizations can serve as a tool to unite people or to demonstrate exclusive membership in clubs or groups. Pins are very versatile tools for organizations and businesses.

Why Lapel Pins Work for Businesses and Organizations

Lapel pins are an effective way to market your organization while reinforcing internal company bonds. You can use a lapel pin to reinforce a message, market an idea, or just encourage people to come together in support of a cause. And because these pins are made from sturdy, high-quality metal, they won’t get lost or tossed out with the trash like business cards and flyers. People will hold onto their pins thanks to the high perceived value. When they look at their pins, they’ll think of you and your organization. 

Here are some of the many venues and opportunities through which organizations can use lapel pins to achieve their financial and branding goals:

  • Trade shows and job fairs

  • Company branding

  • Seminars, training sessions, and conventions

  • Employee awards, gifts, and retirement celebrations

  • Athletic celebrations and fundraisers

  • School and university promotions

  • Fraternity and sorority membership

Trust Get Lapel Pins With Your Organization’s Pin Design Needs

Searching for a unique way of helping your organization stand out in 2017? Raise awareness for a cause close to your heart with recognition pins from our team of artists. Industry leaders, the artists and designers at Get Lapel Pins specialize in creating state-of-the-art lapel pins that match the exact vision in your head when you order. You can trust us to work with you every step of the way and send a digital proof before the manufacturing process begins so there are no surprises when the package arrives. To learn more about pins for organizations, contact us or request a free quote on our website.