Lapel Pins for Educational Institutions

Lapel Pins for Educational Institutions

Many of us are proud of the college or university we attended, as well as the education we received there. With that in mind, it’s only natural that we would seek to honor that school with custom lapel pins for educational institutions. A leader in lapel pin design and manufacturing, Get Lapel Pins prides itself on working with highly skilled artists to create uniquely attractive custom lapel pins for a wide array of educational institutions. 

Wear Your College or University on Your Collar

There are many reasons that a college or university would want to create custom lapel pins to honor its students and staff. First, custom pins offer a great way to show allegiance to an educational institution. Students, alumni, and faculty will all feel a sense of community as they wear their pins to college games and events. Doing this builds rapport and helps make your facility a better place.

Additionally, lapel pins are an effective marketing tool for colleges and universities. When your students and staff wear their pins in public, they encourage friends and acquaintances to inquire about the school. You might just see application rates soar as more and more individuals learn about the institution.

Finally, custom lapel pins are a great way to honor your hard-working teachers or professors and celebrate their achievements. Consider ordering lapel pins to give out at your next teaching conference or all-day grading event. Your team is sure to appreciate the thought behind the gesture.

Why Choose Get Lapel Pins

The lapel pin designers at Get Lapel Pins work with top companies, including Universal, Nickelodeon, MTV, EA, Univision, and Disney. As a result, you can rest assured knowing that the final product will exceed expectations. Here are a few more reasons to choose us for your lapel pin design:

  • Manufacturing and shipping in 14 days

  • Free digital proofs

  • Satisfaction guaranteed

Trust Get Lapel Pins With Your Pin Design

Contact us today to request a custom lapel pins for educational institutions consultation. Our designers are ready and willing to speak to you. We look forward to uniting your educational institution in support of a common cause.