Hard Enamel Pins

Get Lapel Pins Hard Enamel

There is no compromising and no cutting corners when you want the highest quality custom pins. For centuries, hard enamel has been used to create some of the world’s most beautiful decorative jewelry, dishes, vases, and art pieces. The process used to create hard enamel pins is called cloisonné and it produces a smooth, polished look that is greatly admired by pin wearers and collectors.

What Makes Hard Enamel Special?

Achieving that hard enamel appearance involves an artistic process that goes back centuries. Cloisonné items first became popular during the Ming Dynasty period, and many vintage hard enamel items are prized collectibles. While the Chinese popularized it, the cloisonné technique originally came from the Middle East.  

Get Lapel Pins follows the same methods to create hard enamel pins that were established long ago. We use modern technology to speed up the process, but the artistic basics remain the same. Selecting pins made with hard enamel methods is the best way to ensure you’re getting pins of exquisite quality made with loving care.

How We Make Pin Magic Happen

Working with hard enamel isn’t difficult, but it does require extra steps for pins that are top-of-the-line. After creating the die cut base, we create the shape of the pin. We then begin the process of filling recessed areas of the design with high-quality enamel, and layers of enamel go all the way up to die lines. The pins are baked at an extremely high temperature and cooled. Colors are added, and your pins are polished until they have a smooth, glassy finish.

Elegant Hard Enamel is Perfect for Special Events and Occasions

Pins made using the hard enamel technique are often presented to recipients who are being honored for work or life achievements such as:

  • Acts of bravery

  • Anniversaries

  • Artistic talent

  • Dedicated years of service

Other great ideas are:

  • Club membership

  • Displaying a message

  • Special corporate events

  • Promoting area attractions

The appealing look of hard enamel is very classy and always in style. These are just a few suggestions, but you can probably think of many more ways to turn the classic art of cloisonné into lapel pins that match your goals.

Take the First Step in Creating Your Lapel Pins 

Get Lapel Pins makes it easy for you to turn your ideas into hard enamel pins for any type of occasion. Contact us today and let us know exactly how we can assist you in making awesome pins that meet your high-quality standards.