Die Struck Pins

Get Lapel Pins Die Struck Pin

Lapel pins begin their existence as a sheet of solid metal, even fancy pins coated in colored enamel. Everyone has different tastes and preferences in lapel pins, which is why Get Lapel Pins offers exposed metal pins, otherwise known as die struck pins. Die struck is a manufacturing term describing the process we use to create this category of pins.

Simplicity and Elegance

The neat thing about pure metal pins is that they look classy and sophisticated just as they are. Not a drop of color is added (unless you wish it), and the only enhancement done is surface polishing as a finishing touch, but this too is optional. Keep in mind that simplicity doesn’t mean we skimp on workmanship. Our workmanship proves quite the contrary. These pins must be designed with extra care to ensure every little, exposed detail appears exactly as it should.

Choose a Plating Option

Metal lapel pins are easy and fun to design. For starters, you get to choose what type of metal plating you want, and we have plenty of great options.

Some of our plating options include:

  • Polished Gold

  • Polished Nickel

  • Polished Copper

  • Polished Brass

  • Black Nickel

Each of these plating choices produce a pin with a distinctive look, and the right plating choice for your pin solely depends on personal preference.

Metal Logo Pins

Metal logo pins are commonly used for promotional purposes. The design process is simplified if we use your existing logo as a template. Logo pins have many uses, and companies sometimes give pins to employees to wear during special events.

Milestone Year Pins

Companies, government institutions, schools, and organizations all have anniversary dates of one kind or another. These anniversaries can be celebrated by issuing lapel pins commemorating the anniversary year. Well-designed pins may turn into treasured keepsakes.

Recognition Pins

Honoring employees and volunteers with a recognition pin is a long-standing tradition. Custom metal pins of this type usually feature powerful imagery and include words that hold special meaning for the recipient.

Special Cause Pins

Draw more attention to a meaningful cause by creating a metal pin for fundraising events. No cause is too small or big for a pin, and design options offer endless possibilities for creativity.

Create Your Metal Pin

The creation of die struck pins begin with an idea you have in mind. We’ll give your idea to our top-rate design team, and they’ll work with you to create a mini-masterpiece of a pin. Contact Get Lapel Pins today to get started.