Custom Tie Pins

Custom Tie Pins

For over a century, men’s ties have been a wardrobe staple for the well-dressed man. Keeping ties securely in place requires a tool of some sort. Thus, the metal tie pin was born. Metal pins for ties are more than just a convenient tool; they also serve as classy wardrobe enhancers. Modern men enjoy wearing custom tie pins featuring traditional and imaginative designs, which is why Get Lapel Pins makes it convenient for you to create tie pins for any occasion.

Metal Options Galore

While planning your tie pin design, you have a range of metal color options such as gold, silver, brass and copper. Create a single-color pin that uses the same type of metal throughout the entire design, or combine two types of metal for an attractive contrast.

Use Enamel Colors to Make Your Design Pop

Give your design a touch of realism or more depth with colored enamels. All it takes is one color to make your design pop. For example, adding a black enamel background in the recessed areas make lettering and other detailing easier to see. If your design features interesting characters or shapes, enamel colors can add excitement.

Corporate Executive Tie Pin

Companies seeking a way to reward managers for achieving outstanding results can create a tasteful tie pin. Customization enhancements can include the company logo rendered in die-cast metal. Your design can feature the traditional company logo, a modern version with colorful graphics, or a recognizable brand symbol.

Organizational Tie Pin

One of the benefits of organizational membership is that feeling people have of being a part of something bigger than the individual. Tie pins are a great way to foster a sense of belonging and camaraderie. Using symbolism that relates to the organization’s goals and mission is the key to a successful tie pin design.

Educational Tie Pin

A custom-made tie pin is a wonderful way to say thank you to college alumni donors who give generously. Tie pins can be used to show appreciation to managerial personnel, staff, and professors. Lastly, custom tie pins are the ultimate gift for graduating students who want to commemorate their alma mater in their new career paths.

Retro Tie Pin

Go old school and design a traditional stick tie pin with a fun head shape. These pins are characterized by their long thin pin bottoms and distinctive heads. Creative pin head ideas include badges, geometric shapes, nautical symbols, animals, and road signs.

Make a Tie Pin

It’s easy to get into the habit of making custom tie pins when using Get Lapel Pins as your pin designing assistant. We have a skilled professional design team at your beck and call. Get started on your tie pin design today by contacting us now.