Offset Printed

Setup fee: +$100.00

Offset Printed is the best way to use a photographic element or logos with detailed gradients. They offer flexibility in design and can be custom cut to any shape. They are a more unique variety of pin that will look very different from all of the other pin styles we offer.

Some design elements simply can not be recreated as a die cast or stamped lapel pin. This option provides a pin surface for elements like drop shadows, small text, and color gradients. A clear epoxy dome will be applied to every offset printed pin to protect the image.

Custom Cardstock

Custom card stock is a great way to make your pin retail ready. A collectible pin, or line of pins is another element you can add when kitting your brand. It is a great way to include your contact information, logo, or a special message with your pin. This extra layer of packaging design is customizable and versatile. It can transform your pin into an add-on sales item, or a training award.

Excellent For

  • Photo Portraits
  • Logos
  • Memorial Tribute
  • Landscape Photography
  • Gradient Artwork
  • and so much more!