Hard Enamel

Hard Enamel lapel pins, sometimes called Cloisonné or Epola, meet the highest quality standards due to the materials and processes required in production.

Your design will be stamped into an alloy metal and plated with your preferred plating option. Colors are mixed using the Pantone Matching System to ensure accuracy. Each color fill is expertly applied by hand before the pin is polished smooth. That nearly flush, polished pin surface is what makes Hard Enamel stand out in a crowd of pins. This is the more elegant, high-end option in the world of lapel pins.

Silk Screen

Hard Enamel pins provide the smooth surface necessary for additional screen-printing when the design requires very small and detailed elements. Screen-printing can save mold costs when an element of your design calls for low print-run changes.

For example, with an employee reward pin, you may have the same mold used for all your “years of service” pins, while changing the screen to reflect 1 year, 5 years, and 10 years of service.

The detailed artwork on trading pins and hatpins may be more accurate to the original when screen-printing fine line-work. Your Art Director and Design Team will let you know if they think this is the best option for your pin.

Custom Card Stock

Custom Card Stock is a great way to make your pin retail-ready. A collectible pin or line of pins is another element you can add when building your brand—it is a great way to include your contact information, logo, or a special message with your lapel pin. This extra layer of packaging design is customizable and versatile. It can transform your pin into an add-on sales item or a training award.

Excellent For

  • Employee Recognition
  • Commemoration
  • Memorial Tribute
  • Donor Appreciation
  • Honoring Members
  • and so much more!