Die Struck

Die-Struck pins provide an elegant look at an affordable price. You can feel the texture of raised and recessed areas, which adds a tactile element to your pin design.

The antiqued wash applied to your die-struck pin creates a distinguished look. It adds an element of old-world class and allows more contrast between raised and recessed areas. Your assigned Art Director may recommend an antiqued wash for your die-struck pin to help the recessed areas of your design become more visible.

Silk Screen

The raised surface of a die-struck pin can have additional screen-printing when the design requires very small and detailed elements. Screen-printing can save mold costs when an element of your design calls for low print-run changes.

For example, with an employee reward pin, you may have the same mold used for all your “years of service” pins, while changing the screen to reflect 1 year, 5 years, and 10 years of service.

Custom Cardstock

Custom Card Stock is a great way to make your pin retail-ready. A collectible pin or line of pins is another element you can add when building your brand—it is a great way to include your contact information, logo, or a special message with your lapel pin. This extra layer of packaging design is customizable and versatile. It can transform your pin into an add-on sales item or a training award.

Excellent For

  • Service Recognition 
  • Sorority & Fraternity 
  • Church Pins
  • SteamPunk Art
  • Circle Pins
  • and so much more!