3 Ways to Win Friends and Pinfluence People

3 Ways to Win Friends and Pinfluence People

Have a great idea, but can't get people to notice you? Trying to promote yourself in a sea of business cards and fliers? If you're having trouble getting buzz, chances are you're not doing these 3 easy steps that spark interest and get people talking.

1.  Stand out

One of the biggest traps we fall into when trying to self-promote is doing what other people are doing. But if everyone was throwing their businesses over a bridge, would you join them? A stupid analogy I know, but the point is just because other people are doing it doesn't mean it's working. If you want to be noticed you have to be different. Be unconventional. Think about using unique items instead of standard ones. Coins, pins or other physically items stand out among flat pieces of paper. If you're set on going the business card approach think about making the shape stand out. Try to create a pop-up business card or a different shape than the standard rectangle.

2. Know your market

Research shows that using promotional items that play to what you're selling or promoting dramatically increase your chances of getting the right people to notice you. For example if you're starting a coffee business, make a business card that works as drink coaster. This not only helps you to stand out, but also gets the right people to look at you.

3. Don't be afraid to engage

Don't just wait for people to come to you, because chances are they won't. Instead actively seek out your customer base. Don't be afraid to make connections in both real life and social media. Instagram is a great attention-getter, but don't just post pictures, also like and comment on other people that share your interests. Talk to people that notice you, even if it's just a small exchange. It's all about creating connections. No matter which way to plan to engage your consumers, don't always try to sell them on something. Have fun and be honest and genuine. Show them you're a person and not just a robot looking for money. Don't go in thinking "I need to sell them," but instead think "we have a common interest, lets talk about it." Have them remember the exchange as a friendly one, and remember even if they're not interested in what you're promoting at the moment, they might be in the future. So keep them inclined to be comfortable to approach you in the future. 

Have you tried any of these techniques? What's your best way to start conversations with clients and people? Let us know in the comments.