Custom Lapel Pins Make the Most of Your Motto

The Mission Statement Lapel Pin

Many American organizations, including agencies, companies, or churches have mission statements that have been adopted for the purpose of defining the essence or aspirations of the organization. One of the best ways to publish that mission statement is with custom lapel pins. Members wearing the pin communicate the mission statement without saying a word, and this type of communication has a pleasant influence on members and nonmembers of the organization. Wearing a lapel pin is pleasant form of communication because it is subtle while being expressive, and if you have a custom enamel pin from Get Lapel Pins, the pin will look as stylish as it is meaningful. Many groups have discovered the quality and personal service that is offered by Get Lapel Pins.

The Personal Motto Lapel Pin

Just as many American organizations or groups have adopted a mission statement, many individuals have adopted a personal motto. A motto can express one’s style and putting that expression on a lapel pin is a great way to have fun with yourself and others. The expression isn’t limited to words or phrases. If your motto is communicated through an image, the people at Get Lapel Pins are masters at turning that image into a colorful and stylish pin made with enamel and metal that lasts. In the past, people shied away from ordering personal motto pins because lapel pin orders have been traditionally large volume only, but Get Lapel Pins offers low quantity custom pin orders. Now, orders can be as small as 50 pins, and individuals enjoy gifting the extras. Giving a gift of a stylish lapel pin representing a personal motto is a generous expression of oneself and the gift creates a unique connection between the gift giver and the gift receiver. The customer service available at Get Lapel Pins is second to none, whether the order is for 50 pins or for 1,000 pins.

Developing a personal motto is as unique as the person. Some mottos are lifelong expressions of how one hopes to define his or her life, and some mottos are important during a particularly challenging era. Some of us have found that adopting a motto works as a reminder so that we will use our motto as the cornerstone of all the decisions we have to make. Adopting a motto as a powerful tool to help one get through a difficult time is a smart strategy, but personal mottos can be fun or meaningful anytime. Visit and start developing a custom lapel pin for your motto or mission statement today.