New Year. New Product. Get Custom Embroidered Patches.

There's a new year upon us, and that means it's time to pick some fresh promotional items. Now is an outstanding time to be in the market for new promotional ideas and products, and we have some very cool ones for you to consider. 

Custom embroidered patches are our new offering. Our customers already love our custom lapel pins and custom challenge coins. These new patches are sure to please everyone too! There are numerous advantages to giving out promotional items, and custom embroidered patches are at the top of the list for effectiveness. 


Our Patches, Lapel Pins, and Challenge Coins Have a Massive Impact 

Our business centers around making promotional items for clients that drive results. Whether you're looking for distinctive custom lepal pins to boost crowdfunding or fundraising, or to raise your profile at a trade show makes little difference. We design and manufacture items that push your branding to the next level. 

Lapel pins have long been a hit for cause marketing. People love unique and artistic lapel pins that show they're part of a specific crowd. Fundraising and crowdfunding always go a bit easier with custom pins, and our new embroidered patches are bound to have surprising results. 

Custom Challenge Coins Are a Big Hit with Team Builders

Our custom challenge coins are made to have a lasting impact on anyone who receives them. These detailed and high-quality items are given out to people who have completed some challenge as their reward. For that reason, our design attempts to have a lasting impact that makes the person appreciate their coin. 

If it's your task to keep your team's motivation at an all-time high, a carefully crafted challenge with impressive coins as a reward is a beautiful way to accomplish your goals. Employees cherish the memories that a custom challenge coin represents. The bonding experience and team building exercise stay fresh in their minds, and they have a memento to remind them of the lessons from the challenge. 

Our team has a lot of experience putting together designs that motivate employees and boost morale. We have the right mix of products for you to use during every phase of your training. We're happy to work with clients until they get the precise design they want. When you reward your best people, make sure it's with a challenge coin that stands the test of time. 

Boost Morale with Embroidered Patches That People Love 

You can also use patches to boost employee morale with a recognition program. It's human nature to want to know that you're doing a fantastic job. What better way to show that pride to the world than with an embroidered patch? Embroidery gives a sophisticated look to your patch, making it something an employee will cherish. Our design team helps create an impactful patch that people will want! 

When you want to build team spirit, patches are another great way to do it. Patches are reminiscent of sports teams, so people are conditioned to respond to them immediately. If you're holding any team building events, these items are likely to be a massive hit with your employees. 

Raise more money by selling cool patches. Whether you're crowdfunding on a site online or using traditional fundraising offline, embroidered patches are an excellent way to raise money. People will be happy to purchase them outright, or they'll be more likely to donate if you include patches. Either way, you'll find that you hit your goals more efficiently with these items in your arsenal. 

There are few limits, other than your imagination, to how you can use custom embroidered patches in your business. These are high-quality patches that anyone would be proud to wear. When you need a work of art in thread, we're here to assist you every step of the way. Patches have long been a favorite motivational tool for the armed forces and other major enterprises. 

People love recognition and a sense of belonging. The right design on top embroidered patches helps them feel like they're part of something bigger. They also are quality enough that you can sell them to raise money when you want. Patches are always in demand, especially ones that convey your corporate culture and branding to the fullest extent. 

Uses of embroidered patches are unlimited. If you want to commemorate special events, a patch can be made for any occasion. If you're looking to team-build, special group distinctions can be created for each patch. No matter what your objectives, a patch is a reliable way to get the job done. 

Stand out at Trade Shows with Embroidered Patches 

A fantastic way to stand out at a trade show is with a custom embroidered patch that tells your story to prospects quickly. Trade shows are crowded affairs, so anything your organization can do to gain an edge is worth it. Custom patches get attention, and they're something that will make prospects remember communicating with your employees. 

Our team understands your needs and are looking forward to helping you craft the types of patches that make marketing, morale boosting, and fundraising easy! There's no reason to make your job tougher than it has to be, so get the type of design and patch that sells itself and your message. 

Set a New Standard for Your Promotional Items

Undoubtedly you have a plan, and we're here to turn your vision into reality. We know just how meaningful embroidered patches are, so we're confident your patches will exceed your expectations. Once you come up with your basic objectives, you'll have a handle on starting the process of putting embroidered patches into practice in your organization. 

Employees with embroidery on their uniforms always look sharp. That's the reason the items remain popular every year. When you want your workers to look sharp and distinctive, a custom patch is an ideal choice. If you plan on team building in the coming year, you can't go wrong with a fresh new design done in embroidery!