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Five Ways to Show Appreciation to Retiring Employees

It can be sad to see a beloved employee retire from your company. However, there are plenty of ways to show your appreciation for this person and all the hard work he or she did over the years. A renowned creator of recognition pins for retirement and other events, Get Lapel Pins offers these five suggestions for sending an honored employee off in style.

Tell a Story

A special speech can be a lovely way to show your appreciation for a departing worker. Take time to write about the employee’s achievements and experiences at the company. While it’s fine to include a humorous anecdote, these speeches are usually more earnest and emotional. You could also give a service award or certificate to honor the worker’s efforts over the years.

Host a Party

Holding a party or happy hour after work is a great way to show your employee who’s retiring how much you care. Try to match the event to the employee’s temperament. For example, not everyone is up for a nighttime cocktail party; some workers might prefer a sedate weekend lunch or a gathering with cake at the office. Be personal and specific for best results.

Give a Gift

Who doesn’t love getting gifts? If an employee is retiring after a particularly long run with the company, consider purchasing a present to show your appreciation. You can also feel free to invite co-workers to contribute, but make sure they know their participation is voluntary.

Provide Memorabilia

Of course, you want to ensure that your employee remembers all the wonderful times he or she had at the company. Recognition pins are great retirement gifts in that you can customize them based on your company and its products and services. Distribute pins to everyone on the team so your employees will have a bond forever.

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Celebrate Your Employees with Custom Enamel Pins

The daily grind can take a toll on employees, and finding ways to improve enthusiasm and morale around the office can be a challenge. Increasingly, companies around the country are discovering that custom enamel pins are an easy-yet-effective way to show appreciation for their employees and inject a renewed energy into the workplace.

Why Companies Use Lapel Pins

Companies have found a variety of different uses for custom enamel pins. For example, these pins can be given out in recognition of an employee who goes above and beyond the call of duty. Also, custom enamel pins are a great way to celebrate a career milestone or to reward an employee for years of exemplary service. If your office already has a standard plaque or certificate that is given out for various achievements, lapel pins can make a great addition to the ceremony, as they’re a portable and wearable reminder of the accomplishment.

Some employers have even turned custom pins into a type of reward system. By rewarding employees with different lapel pins for accomplishing specific tasks or reaching set goals, companies provide a tangible signifier of the achievement. Additionally, having this type of reward system gives employees an incentive to work harder, and it’s a fun way to boost morale around the workplace.

Lapel pins don’t go unnoticed by customers either. By having your team members wear these pins around the office, you not only show that your employees are part of a team, but you also demonstrate that your company gives back to the people that work there.

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Once the design has been created, you’ll get a digital version to review, in case any last adjustments are needed, and once the design has been approved, you’ll have your custom enamel pins in about two weeks. To get the process started, contact our team at Get Lapel Pins, and add a little excitement to your office.