Adding Value to Your Pin with Custom Backing Cards

Backing Cards Enhance Any Lapel Pin

It is a well-known fact that custom lapel pins are a great way to showcase your business, cause, accomplishment or personal brand. But whatever your reason for choosing lapel pins to get your message across, it's important to remember the custom backing card option when designing your pin. 

Card Size: 2.75” x 3.5”  Pin: 1.75”

Card Size: 2.75” x 3.5”

Pin: 1.75”

What Are Backing Cards? 

A custom backing card is much more than just a “holding area” for a lapel pin. A properly designed card conveys a wealth of information, maintains the physical integrity of the pin, and acts as a business card of sorts. 

Backing Card Thickness: Standard and Thick 

  • Standard: At Get Lapel Pins we offer customers two thicknesses to choose from for backing cards. Our "standard" card compares with the thickness of a typical business card you see every day. It is strong enough to hold the pin in place, protect it from routine handling and adds much to the general look of the product. Keep in mind that people who receive lapel pins expect a high-quality backing card to be attached. Cards, as noted below, do much more than hold the pin in place. They serve as the perfect place to add written information about the significance of the pin and the related cause, product, or event. A "standard" thickness custom backing card makes the attached lapel pin stand out as a centerpiece of attention. 

  • Thick: For customers who want backing cards that are even thicker than our standard versions, we also offer "thick" cards that do not flex or bend. Clients who prefer thick cards use lapel pins for all the same reasons buyers of standard backing cards do: to enhance their brand, to add value to a product, to draw attention to a cause or merely to promote themselves or their company. 

card stock backing card custom thick

Key Points to Remember: Standard backing cards are about as thick as a typical business card while "thick" backing cards are more rigid, and will not bend or flex at all. 

Available Sizes for Custom Backing Cards 

At Get Lapel Pins, we are happy to offer our clients backing cards of any size or shape, along with the two thickness options mentioned above. What does that mean to you? It means that you can completely customize your order to the most exacting specifications for no additional cost. 

Our customers can, of course, choose any size card they wish, but the four most common sizes requested are 2" x 2"(2 inches by 2 inches), 2"x3.5" (the size of a standard business card), 2.375" x 3", 3'x 3". Note that the lapel pins you order can be positioned anywhere on the backing card. This applies to cards of both thicknesses and all sizes. 

Card size: 2.25” x 3.125”  Pin size: 1”

Card size: 2.25” x 3.125”

Pin size: 1”

As the photos show, the size of your card is determined by two factors: the size of the pin and the amount of detail (written or artistic) on the backing card. Very small pins with just a few words of accompanying printing or artwork can comfortably fit on a small card if that's what you want. Larger pins, of course, might call for a larger card, typically when the card includes lots of written text. Take a look at the images to get an idea of how card size, pin size, and the amount of written text are related to each other. 

Written Detail on Custom Backing Cards 

Customers often ask whether backing cards can include printed text on both the front and back side. The answer is yes. We receive regular orders from clients who want printed messages on both back and front, just the front, and sometimes only the reverse side of the card. It's a decision that is entirely up to the client, and we're happy to oblige. 

Note that all card printing and artwork is digitally created to enhance the professional look of the final product. Our top-quality digital printing equipment makes your backing card message stand out. Plus, there is never a minimum requirement on the number of ink colors you can choose, which means your lapel pins and cards can be of the highest artistic quality. If you want to make a lasting impression on your clients, constituents, friends, family members or whoever you are creating lapel pins for, the team at Get Lapel Pins offers you as many options as possible. 

Low Prices, High Quality, Excellent Customer Service 

At Get Lapel Pins, we are proud to offer the most competitive prices in the lapel pin industry, along with top-notch customer service and the utmost in quality. Custom lapel pins are a favorite way for individuals and businesses to highlight any message. 

Card Size: 2” x 2.25”  Pin: 1.25”

Card Size: 2” x 2.25”

Pin: 1.25”

Backing cards for lapel pins can add a lot of value for all types of customers. Pins given as awards often include text that details the person’s accomplishments, name, and date the award was presented. Pins used for promotional or advertising purposes typically include backing cards that offer more details about the product, event or concept being promoted. It helps to think of backing cards as a place for additional messages or essential information that might not fit on the pin itself. Note that many people collect lapel pins and consider the backing card an important, informative piece of the set. A lapel pin without a backing card is a bit like a birthday gift without wrapping, a box or an accompanying card.

We’ve done large and small jobs for thousands of happy customers already, so we’re always glad to create your customized lapel pins to exact specifications. Whether your order is tiny or massive, feel free to contact us via our website,, and check out our popular blog, at for helpful information about how to use lapel pins for maximum effect. We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you in any way we can. Lapel pins are what we do, and we’d love to create a unique, memorable product for your favorite cause, product or occasion.