10 Nurse Pinning Ceremony Gift Ideas

10 Fun Nurse Pinning Ceremony Gift Ideas

What is a pinning ceremony? Well, a pinning ceremony is a symbolic welcoming to all newly graduating nurses that have done more than exceptionally well and made it into the nursing profession successfully. This celebrates all of the new nurses who have worked very hard to graduate and do deserve a celebration after all. These nurses are presented custom crafted lapel pins that are given to them by either a family member of their choice, or by the faculty of the nursing school. The nurses then recite a pledge for their careers called the Nightingale Pledge.

Do you have a friend or family member who is about to graduate nursing school? Do you want to get them a gift that they will forever love, cherish and remember for a very long time, if not, the rest of their lives? Do you need help with picking out a memorable present that will have this lasting effect? Well, if so, look no further. I am about to help you out with some great gifting ideas that would do just the trick!

Or, you could always design your own custom pin to give as a gift! And if you're not artistically inclined just reach out to the fine artists at Get Lapel Pins. We're always happy to help. Custom lapel pins come in Hard Enamel, Soft Enamel and Die Struck - it's your choice. Custom lapel pins come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes - so you are able to play around with ideas that suits to your liking.

1) Registered Nurse Stethoscope Charm Necklace

Price: $18.00

What You'll Receive: This is a remarkable and crafted silver necklace that is made in the United States. Not only is this necklace made to order, but it includes an amazing stethoscope and RN charm on it that you will feel was made personally for the person you gifted it to.
This wonderful necklace can be purchased at http://www.etsy.com by searching Beautiful Medical Nurse RN-Medical Stethoscope charm Larite style Necklace / Medical Nurse RN charm / Nurses / Nursing Student / Gift for Nurse in the jewelry section.

These necklaces are created by Ashijewelers.

2) Personalized PICK YOUR CHARM Nurse Graduation Gift

Price: $25.95

What You'll Receive: This is a handmade bracelet that features your choice of a charm, or charms. This also includes a charm that reads, "She believed she could ... so she did". This bracelet is silver. You can purchase this pin at http://www.etsy.com by searching in the jewelry section under Nurse Pinning Ceremony, Personalized PICK YOUR CHARM Nurse Graduation Gift, She Believed She Could So She Did Nurse Pin, Nurse Pinning Gift.

These bracelets are created by ScrapheartGifts which is the company owned by Stacy Talley.

3) Nurse's Prayer, Mug with Gift Box

Price: $17.97

What You'll Receive: You will receive a lovely white mug that's well crafted with a beautiful, metallic gold design, as well as a sleek trim on the glass. On one side of the mug you will see a badge motif, and on the other side, you will see the "A Nurse's Prayer" Scripture for a morning read.
This is a very beautiful mug! You can order this mug on http://www.amazon.com. The mug also comes encased in a black gift box with the badge motif symbol on it.

These mugs are created by Carson.

4) Student Nurse Graduation Gift Box

Price: $38.00

What You'll Receive: A soy candle that comes in a 4 ounce travel tin, a miniature yet, exquisite plate that says "Nurse" to hold various items, an all natural bath bomb, a printed version of a hand written letter that says "You Never Miss A Beat", a gorgeous pair of cupcake socks and a card!
This is an awesome box packed full of amazing things! The dimensions of the box these goodies come in are 8x8x3. You can purchase this box at http://www.etsy.com by searching Gift for Nurse. RN Gift Box. LPN Gift Basket. Student Nurse Graduation Gift Box. Caregiver Gift. New Nurse Congrats.

These gift boxes are created by The Blessed Box.

5) Custom Nurse Pen

Price: $0.51 x 600

What You'll Receive: A customizable black ink pen with a ballpoint tip. The pen writes well and even has a cute nurse clip to hang on your shirt. It is a white and teal pen that is 5 & 3/4 in. long. While each pin is very affordable, the minimum order quantity is 600 pens.
This pen can be found on http://www.anypromo.com by searching for Nurse Pen

6) Nurse Shirt

Price: $14.45

What You'll Receive: You will receive a cotton shirt in your size that comes in a variety of colors - sports gray, lilac, pink and white. The shirt says "THIS IS WHAT AN AWESOME NURSE LOOKS LIKE" with thumbs pointing towards the person wearing the shirt. It is simply adorable!
This shirt is available on http://www.etsy.com by searching for Nurse Shirts.

This shirt is made by BRDtshirtzone.

7) Nurse's Gift Clothespin Magnets Set of 4

Price: $5.00

What You'll Receive: These are very artistic fridge magnets. There are 4 wooden clothespin magnets in this set and they have a life line and other nurse related designs painted on them. They are very cute!
These magnets are available on http://www.etsy.com

These magnets are made by LiliesandPearls.

8) Nurse Glitter Mason Jar

Price: $14.00

What You'll Receive: A clear mason jar with a silver lid. The jar says "Cute Enough to Stop Your Heart... Skilled Enough to Restart It". This cup comes with a BPA free acrylic straw that you can reuse and the bottom part of the glass is dipped in any color of glitter you'd like! These jars are homemade and a must have!
You can purchase this glass on http://www.etsy.com

These jars are made by Sip So Sweet.

9) Nurse's Watch

Price: $40.00

What You'll Receive: This creative watch not only works, but you can also take pulse rates with it! It has a gauze, bandage, nurse's cap, baby aspirin, stethoscope and a thermometer! The decorations inside of this watch are all handmade. This watch is available on http://www.etsy.com

This watch is made by Sunny River Creations.

10) Stethoscope iPhone Stylus

Price: $8.99

What You'll Receive: This metal stethoscope stylus is meant for the iPhone, but it works on any touchscreen. This is a handmade stylus, created and shipped in the USA. It is very cute and stylish. This stylus is approximately 4&1/2 inches long and works great for writing things down on your iPhone. 
You can order it through http://www.etsy.com

This product is created by Sticker Swagger

Those are just a few of the fun and cute gift ideas available. But what about those custom pins? Wouldn't it be cool to give something truly unique to your graduating nurses?

Simply put, Get Lapel Pins has unlimited options for your pins. You are even able to send in a "rough draft" of your own design and our design experts will make it for you, this includes unlimited revisions. We are also able to provide free shipping. You'll have your pins delivered to you within 3 weeks or less! if that's not good service I don't know what is. bottom line is we are worth every penny and pretty soon will be the company everyone thinks of when considering pinning ceremonies.

Reach out to Get Lapel Pins today!