Custom Pins that Promote Your Podcast

Custom enamel pins are a great way to promote your podcast. Why? 

If you are the podcaster, the answer is easy. If you've bought coffee mugs or t-shirts, you already know how much your devoted listeners enjoy merchandise that represents the podcast they love. Custom enamel pins are a fun and exciting way to brand your podcast. Having your own cool enamel pins will set your show apart from the rest. With the artistic designs that can be your custom lapel pin, your listeners can wear your podcast pin with any apparel. Unlike mugs or t-shirt, your listeners can show their support for the podcast whether they're dressed down in a tee or dressed up. They can wear their lapel pin reminding everyone about your great podcast whether they are sipping from a coffee mug or a martini glass. Wearing a custom made lapel pin will not only remind your listeners why you are their favorite, wearing their favorite podcast pin will allow your listeners to tell others about your podcast when questioned about their great-looking pin. The more listeners the better! 

Listeners talking about the interesting aspects of the podcast gets the podcast and podcaster one step closer to award winning status. The team at loves to see a podcast go viral. How exciting for a podcast to grow from a few listeners to a few thousand. The next thing you know,  the podcaster is an inductee in the Hall of Fame of the Academy of Podcasters, and a recipient of a Webby Award or a People's Voice Award for an amazing podcast.

Most every podcast has a group of listeners comprised of individuals who share common aspirations, ideas, or interests. For listeners, finding a podcast that fits one's identity is exciting, and participating with one's group may bring a sense of belonging. 

If you are the listener, wearing a custom lapel pin is a great way to cast a vote for your favorite. Wearing the pin shows others that you are a member of the group that promotes the podcast. It can be similar to a membership badge. It can also be similar to a person seeing you carrying their favorite book. You likely will have a pleasant conversation about what each of you likes about the book. If you see a stranger wearing a pin that promotes your favorite podcast, it's fun for both of you when you share what each of you likes best about the podcast.

Participating in promoting a podcast with a pin from is fun for both the listener and the podcaster.