Boost Your Biz Charmingly with Custom Enamel Pins

Now is the time to move! Tax day is almost over and the rest of the year demands attention. If you are eager to boost your business or promote that special project, think custom enamel pins. Giving or selling pins works like a charm — literally, a charm!

With your design, your business logo, or your personalized drawing, you can create a memento and a morale booster for your staff. Or, how about asking staff to wear a stylish pin that promotes your brand or mission. Enamel pins custom made are a great way to identify those special staff members or servers that you cherish. Or maybe the special people who go above and beyond to help you grow your business should receive a token of appreciation that is specially designed by the boss. Receiving pins can be the motivation for your team to go the extra mile.

Your enamel pin design, perhaps worn by the servers in your restaurant, may be so cool your customers will want to wear them. Wholesale enamel pins are so affordable you could give them away. Are you thinking free advertising?  Also known as, the best kind of promotion for your business!

How about your new hires? Recognizing that new batch of employees is more than just charming. Think pinning ceremonies to promote camaraderie and team building. Enamel pins are a perfect way to help new employees feel connected to your business.

Who says you have to give away your pins? If your enamel pin design is awesome, your staff and customers would happily buy them. Are you getting ideas about fundraisers or new revenue? Enamel pins can be very profitable.

If charming your employees and customers sounds like a great idea for your business, contact Get Lapel Pins today for a quote. Finding and trusting the right enamel pin manufacturer can be overwhelming. Get Lapel Pins’ team of artists and project managers are here to guide your pin project from concept to completion.