5 Ways to Step Up Your Trade Show Presence with Custom Pins

Attending a trade show is the perfect opportunity for your business or organization to go viral by handing out customized promotional items to attendees. There are lots of cool items you can give away, and promotional pins are among the most desired due to their perceived high value. Additionally, there are many ways to use your pins for trade show marketing. Get Lapel Pins has some awesome ideas to help you get the most out of your promotional efforts.

Pin Staff Members

If your staff members wear jackets, dress shirts with collars, ties, or vests, give a lapel pin to each staff person. Your pins instantly turn into a decorative accessory that gets noticed as staff people mix and mingle with the trade show crowd. Your pins also make it easy for others to identify staff associated with your company or organization.

Include Pins in Goodie Bags

Assemble goodie bags that include a business card, coupon, writing pen, treats, and a custom pin. While items such as candy treats disappear quickly, a wearable metal pin elevates the value of your goodie bag, and attendees are eager to get their hands on your giveaways.

Attach Pins to Brochures

Lots of companies give away brochures, so there’s nothing unique about that. Up your brochure game by attaching a promotional pin to the literature to create more interest. Place the pins inside of a small bag, and staple bags to the brochures. This tactic falls under the category of a legalized bribe because you’re offering a nice incentive to encourage people to read your information.

Attach Pins to Raffle Tickets

Hold a trade show raffle by choosing a cool item that many people want to own. Attach a pin to the coupon side of a dual raffle ticket. Select the type of tickets that have a form for collecting name, company, and phone number. Prospects keep the coupon and pin.

Exchange Pins for Business Cards

Place a bunch of customized pins into a large glass or plastic container. Put the pin container next to a labeled business card container. Prospects give you leads in the form of a card, and they receive a pin in return. Everyone wins.

Create a Fun Trade Show Pin

Trade show attendees receive a lot of cool items, and so you don’t want to disappoint prospects with boring pins. Start thinking about how to make your custom promotional pins a “must have” item. Get Lapel Pins is here to help you design an attention-getting pin for your trade show event. Give us your pin ideas today, and we’ll get to work.