5 Ways College Athletes Wear Lapel Pins

College athletes play a big role in promoting sports teams and competitions on campus. Athletes are often easy to spot because they tend to wear clothing and carry accessories that feature school colors and logos. Schools are more than happy to make these items available to athletes because wearing team gear draws attention to games and special athletic events.

While custom metal pins featuring the team name, team logo, and school colors are small in comparison to jackets, hats, and bags, these customized pins are fun for athletes to wear. Athletes wear lapel pins in traditional and non-traditional ways which is fine because there are no formal rules on how to wear one.

Jacket Lapel

Most athletes commonly wear metal pins on their jacket lapel. The lapel area of a jacket certainly has enough room to accommodate college lapel pins of all shapes and sizes. Pins are easy to see when attached to a jacket lapel. Another cool thing about this pin placement is that pins look great on casual and suit jackets worn by male and female athletes. Even if an athlete isn’t headed to a game, they can sport their pin in more formal settings.

Dress Shirt Collar

Many athletes spend most of their time wearing casual tops such as t-shirts while attending classes and going to practice. However, depending on fashion preferences, there are some occasions when wearing a dress shirt is preferred or mandatory. In these situations, the shirt collar is the most likely place to wear a lapel pin. Of course, the pin can be attached to the upper chest area, but that may not look as neat. The shirt collar is stiff enough to handle the weight of the pin. Some athletes attach a pin to the left and right collar ends, using two pins to create an appealing look.

Baseball Cap

Next to the jacket, the baseball cap is probably the most visible clothing accessory an athlete wears. These caps are worn by athletes across all sports, so it’s a simple thing to stick a team lapel pin on the front or side of the cap.

Athletic Bag or Backpack

Many college athletes rely on a nice sized bag to hold their athletic clothing and accessories. They usually have a favorite athletic bag or backpack, and they are often seen with it slung over their shoulders. Some athletes enjoy decorating their bags with one or more customized metal pins.

Want a College Pin Made?

Give athletes at your college or university fun custom metal pins to wear any way they want. This helps raise awareness of the school and the team. Get Lapel Pins helps educational institutions design and produce outstanding athletic pins. Contact us today for a free quote.