Pinstagram Celebration Month Conclusion (and special!)


It's been an amazing February filled with great people. I'd like to thank all the Instagram users who I met and allowed me to show off their killer pics on our Instagram. If you haven't checked out any of their photos or profiles I highly recommend you head on over through Instagram and do so. Many of them aren't just fellow pin connoisseurs, but designers or artists themselves, with great styles and an array of interesting posts to offer.

If I've been taught anything this month, it's that we're all connected in more ways than we realize. There's so many of us that share common interests that we usually are unaware of. Finding someone who had interesting pins and designs often lead to other discoveries about them, and I often found myself scouring their Instagrams looking at how genuinely interesting and similar they are to myself. Also seeing how spread out geographically everyone is yet how close we can all be thanks to modern technology is just cool, flat and simple.

Now, as promised I'd like to offer a special offer to those who were kind enough to let me feature them in last month's IG celebration. I know many of you are designers as well as pin lovers, so if you've got a design in the works or need some help creating a new pin to show off to everyone, we'll proudly give you...

20% off an order! So if you're one of the awesome folks I had the pleasure of conversing with and you saw your pics reposted on our GLP Instagram, send us a free quote request through our website and mention that you were featured in our February Instagram Celebration, and we'll throw in that 20% discount! We'll be offering this discount all through March and April so send us a request soon!

Once again, thank you so much everyone, and keep your pingame strong!