4 Ways to Express Yourself in Dress Code

Your company, school or organization has a dress code policy, and you’re required to wear certain types of attire to abide by the dress code rules. These codes are put into place to maintain uniformity, but that doesn’t mean you must give up your individuality. Accessories such as custom enamel pins are usually an acceptable way to express yourself without getting into hot water for bending the rules.

There are numerous places to wear enamel pins on your person, and pins can spice up your outfits by adding a touch of color and pizzazz.

Pin on the Lapel

Wearing a decorative pin on the lapel of your business suit jacket or sport jacket is a great choice for men and women. Lapel pins are made of high-quality materials, and there are so many different design options that you can wear a different pin each day. Alternatively, you can choose to wear the same pin with a variety of suit jacket styles.

Most people like to wear their pins on the upper portion of the lapel for high visibility. A pin made with one or more enamel colors really pops against dark colored suits such as black, dark gray, or navy. Metal pins with no enamel can give a lapel a touch of distinction and subtle elegance. For formal occasions, a flower metal pin attached to the lapel is a nice alternative to wearing a fresh carnation.

Pocket Squares and Pins

Some guys enjoy wearing a pocket square with a suit jacket. It’s nice to have choices like this because a pocket square adds vibrancy to an outfit. Up the fashion ante even more by pairing a pocket square and custom pin together. The best way to pull this look off is to make sure the pin has the same color scheme as the pocket square. It doesn’t have to be an exact match, but aim for colors that are similar.

Pins and Ties

Tie pins are a fashion accessory and a useful way to keep the tie in place. These pins usually have smaller pin heads and are sophisticated in design. Metal tie pins featuring a unique graphic or initials are always in style. One-color enamel pin heads are chic and look dapper when color matched with ties or suits.

Shirt Collar Pins

Perk up a shirt collar with customized pins. Ideal for solid color shirts, one pin is typically worn on both ends of the collar. Choose small pins with traditional designs that don’t clash with your outfit or dress code norms.

Design Your Own Pins

Express your unique style by designing your own custom enamel pins. Use the expertise of Get Lapel Pins to make it happen. Contact us now.