The 3 most popular types of Lapel Pin Collectors

There's plenty of Lapel Pin lovers out there, but some people go even beyond "love," into a zone that can only be described as "crazy pin hyper light awesome collector master!" or CPHLACM for short. Below are 3 examples of these pin enthusiasts.

The InVESTed Collector

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These are the collectors who wear their pins with pride. They dawn their denim vests on the best of days and add to their collection consistently. Often they have so many pins that they have to trade off from their collection at home so their vest doesn't get too heavy. Even when you see them without their vest on you can tell who they are from their amazing shoulder muscles evolved for carrying such a heavy pin load.

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The Pin Head

There are those who's love for enamel goes straight to their heads. These are the hat pin enthusiasts. They like to to just get up and go and dawn their enamel as a crown, for they are truly pin royalty. You can see them in a crowded room from far away, their enamel glowing hats like halos of pinny godliness. 

The Pinfessional


The James Bonds and Carmen Sandiego's of the pin collecting world. These professional pin collectors show off with style and suaveness. With their trim attire and sleek hard enamel pins, these collectors are often seen buying drinks for people and then disappearing into the night to fight terrorism and super-villains alike.

There you have it, but it doesn't stop there. There are countless other pin collectors out there who show off their style in their own personal ways. What kind of collector are you? Let me know in the comments if you have your own unique style or if you fit into one of the three listed above!