Make a Statement with a Political Pin

Regardless of what side you’re on when it comes to political issues or who you’re rooting for to win, political pins are a great way to promote candidates and ask for votes. One of the great things about political pins is that you have the freedom to create your own pins, and they can look traditional, contemporary, or whimsical. Go beyond the typical elephant or donkey pin and design a piece that truly expresses your beliefs.

Taking the Customization Leap

The design and creation of customized pins has come a long way in just a few decades. These days, anyone can design a custom pin to express various political views with the help of Get Lapel Pins. There’s no reason to be shy about your lack of experience or design skills. Customization means there’s no right or wrong because we’re helping you shape your basic ideas into a pin that makes you proud.

You don’t need any prior pin design experience because we’re your pin creation partners. We’ll let you know what’s possible within the realm of our design process, and, together, we’ll figure out which design to go with.

Political Figure Pins

Political figure pins are enamel pins that feature the image and/or name of a political candidate. These pins are coveted by politicians and their supporters because they help solidify support and boost candidate recognition. Enhance your pins with a catchy slogan that resonates with the populace.

Vote Pins

Voting is an important constitutional right, and political pins focused on voting serve a great purpose. We can create a custom vote pin that aims to encourage people to vote in every election. We can also create a more focused vote pin that prompts people to vote for a specific candidate. These type of pins serve as an instant reminder that there’s an election coming up, and it’s time to register to vote or go to the polls.

An “I voted” pin can also prompt individuals to get to the polls in time to make their voice heard during an important election.

Patriotic Pins

Political pins don’t have to be fancy. They can be a wearable symbol of patriotism such as the American flag or Statue of Liberty.

Statement Pins

A short but powerful statement that reflects your political views can be transferred into an attractive metal pin design. This type of pin is often worn to publicly express strong views about an issue.

Funny Pins

Humor has always played a role in politics, and you can create a funny political pin that gets laughs and support.

Need a Political Pin?

Get Lapel Pins is your one-stop source for any type of political pin you can imagine. We’re sure you’ll be happy with the quality of our customized pins, so send us your pin concepts today.