Liven Up Your Wedding With These Team Groom and Bride Pins

Weddings aren't only the day two people come together to express their unconditional love, but it's also a day of celebration, where everyone who loves them puts aside everything to come together to appreciate the people they love.


Of course... that doesn't mean you can't still be choosy. Introducing the Team Bride and Team Groom pin. Cut all the awkward "which side do you knows" and make it easy for people to break the ice at your wedding with these fun and charming pins. Pass them out as wedding favors to all your friends and family and watch the photos come alive, or attach them to your wedding invitations to start the fun early.


Marriage and love are forever, so why not give your friends and family something that will last equally long. These shiny badges will stand the test of time like your love and always bring a warm smile to those who keep them as physical memories.

Contact us today for this design or others, and if you have your own idea, we can do that too! We don't mind modifying or creating new designs, in fact we love it! Send us a free quote request or contact us here and just mention you're interesting in our wedding pins and and we'll hook you up to get started with a wedding no one will forget!