3 Ways to Sell Your Custom Lapel Pins

So you're an artist and you've made some pretty sweet lapel pins of your own design. Now you're thinking about selling them, spreading your brand and making a name for yourself, but how do you do it? These 3 simple steps will help you spread brand awareness and sell some of your awesome designs at the same time.

1. Promote


Obviously if you want to sell something people need to be aware that you're selling it. You can try facebook and twitter, but the one social media essential for visual promotion is Instagram. If you already have one with a decent amount of followers you can use it to promote your pins, or you can create a second account exclusively for your designs. Whichever approach you take the name of the game is "hashtags." Using the right hashtags gets the right people to see the right posts. "#pinstagram" and "#pingame" are two of the most popular, so using those alone will net you some views and likes which will lead to potential sales. Also try working in your own hashtags for your name or brand so people can start to search for you or hashtag your brand when they do buy your pins and post about them. Make sure each photo you post clearly shows your design and your pin is the focus, don't get too carried away making an arty looking pic, you want people to see your pin and want it.

2. Set Up Shop

There's a few options for potential online shops. The easiest and most popular is probably Etsy, but there are plenty of others like Bigcartel and Shopify. Check out this article over at lifehacker.com for some other great options and why to choose them. Whatever hosting site you choose, keep the store simple and clean. It's all about visual representation of your pins, so again have some good, high quality photos of them.

3. Pre-Sales and Subscriptions

A great approach to keeping people informed and intrigued about your designs is giving them a heads-up. Announce upcoming pins that are yet to go on sale and allow people to pre-order them. Pre-orders not only get people excited, it help you to know what pins are gonna be popular ahead of time. If you're going to be creating new pins on a regular bases, you can also set up a Patreon page to enlists subscribers and contributors to help fund your upcoming projects. Basically with Patreon you can create a monthly subscription for subscribers to fund you and in return you offer them incentives. It's a great way to get a fan-base and some extra income at the same time.

Have an instagram, patreon, etsy or any other site featuring your pins? Let us know! We love seeing fellow artists and designer's work and we even promote people.