Use Ribbon Pins to Show Support

Expressing support for a cause by wearing a ribbon is steeped in tradition, and the practice goes back decades. Folded or tied ribbons appear in numerous movies, songs, and poems. Support ribbons are so popular in our modern society that many people enjoy wearing one as a casual accessory item. Originally, ribbon pins were made of fabric, but a big drawback with fabric ribbon pins is that they are easily damaged.

Damage is never a problem when you choose to create custom enamel pins in the shape of a ribbon. Get Lapel Pins can tap one of our expert designers to create a beautiful ribbon pin in any color or size you desire. Colorful enamel pins are easy to see and can be worn on work days, casual days, and to special events.

Here are some popular ribbon pin colors and their meaning:

Yellow Ribbon

Yellow ribbons have been showing up in popular American culture for over one hundred years. There are songs about women wearing yellow ribbons while waiting for their sweetheart to return home. Wearing a yellow ribbon while waiting for a loved one to return is still done to this day. Often, it represents supporting the troops.

Pink Ribbon

February is National Cancer Prevention Month, and handing out ribbon pins is a wonderful way to thank supporters. Pink ribbons are commonly worn by people suffering from breast cancer, breast cancer survivors, and supporters of breast cancer awareness. Many individuals and companies wear pink ribbon pins during charity walks and awareness raising events.

Red Ribbon

Two different important causes are associated with the red ribbon color. Red ribbons are typically worn to support HIV/AIDS awareness. More recently, red ribbons are worn by those supporting substance-abuse awareness, especially during Red Ribbon Week events.

Blue Ribbon

People who have experienced some form of child abuse wear this ribbon color as a reminder of their struggle and survival. Certain genetic disorders and cancers also use blue as a symbolic color.

Purple Ribbon

There is increasing awareness about Alzheimer’s disease, and wearing a purple ribbon is a great way to show support for this cause.

Need a Ribbon Pin?

Get Lapel Pins can create a ribbon pin for your favorite causes, and we’ll put a unique spin on the design to make them stand out. Contact us today, and get some cool ideas for custom enamel pins.