Design Your Hockey Lapel Pin Now

The love of hockey is deeply embedded into the hearts and souls of everyone who has ever picked up a hockey stick and those who enjoy watching the game played at every level. Because of this love, custom lapel pins with a hockey theme are extremely popular. Designing a hockey pin to give to players, fans, and supporters is a piece of cake with the help of Get Lapel Pins expert designers. Here are a few ideas to get you started on the road to an awesome lapel pin.

Hockey Team Logo Pin

The team logo is a brand that is instantly recognized by team supporters and fans. Turning your hockey team’s logo into a wearable lapel pin is an easy way to create buzz and get supporters on board with team goals. Players can proudly wear their logo pins while out and about during non-playing hours. Supporters who receive a logo pin feel like they’re part of the franchise, and that helps fill seats during games.

Hockey Team Jersey Pin

Increase the sense of camaraderie among hockey players with pins that look just like the team jerseys they wear. These pins can be personalized with the player’s last name and player number, or simply feature the team name, making them a fun accessory to wear while traveling to away games.

Hockey Tournament Pin

Promote and publicize a hockey tournament with special lapel pins displaying customized information about the tournament. Design pins so that the tournament name stands out to viewers of the pin.

Hockey Playoffs Pin

Let everyone know that your team made it to the playoffs with a memorable lapel pin. Teams work hard to make it to this level of success, and regardless of the outcome, playoff pins are inspiring and treasured by fans and players alike.

Hockey Championship Pin

The memories associated with winning a hockey championship last a lifetime, and designing a special commemorative lapel pin is a wonderful way to keep that memory alive. There are no limits on creativity when it comes to design of your pins, so go all out!

Junior Hockey Player Pin

Youth hockey players are going to get a kick out a fun pin that they can wear in support of their enjoyment of the game. Design pins that show young players in action or use cute characters or symbols that appeal to young people. Junior hockey players can wear this pin off the ice to show their support.

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