What Are Unlimited Revisions?

Unlimited revisions aren't only a limitless amount of times your design can be adjusted, it's a guarantee from us that you'll be more than satisfied with your product. 

Our number one concern is our customer's happiness. That's why we speak to each customer on an individual basis. When you come to us as a customer, one of us here at GLP will receive your quote request and become your personal assistant through the rest of the process. We don't like to juggle around customers just to get them to the end of the line, but instead we take them on a guided personal tour. 

Have questions along the way? Ask them! We love questions! We want our customers to be educated in the process so they can truly feel a part of what they're getting. Ask us anything, tell us anything, and talk to us about anything even if it's not pin related. We understand your not just a customer, you're a person (hey, we are too!)

We know these designs mean a lot to you, and that's why they mean a lot to us to. That's why we offer unlimited revisions. It's a guarantee of not only a quality product, but of our desire to help our new friends be happy in their pursuit of enamel!