Our Favorite Add-Ons

Coming up with a great design for your lapel pins may be a piece of cake, or it may require a bit more thought. Whatever unique ideas you have for your customized pins, we want to give you some further food for thought in the way of add-ons.

What are Add-Ons?

Chef Emeril Lagasse has a famous saying, “kick it up a notch,” when referring to adding ingredients that make a dish extra special. Once your pin design is all done, you may still feel that there’s something missing. Get Lapel Pins offers several add-ons that can give your pins that extra pizzazz you desire.


Gemstones convey class and sophistication, and we can embed small, white gemstones into your pin for a dazzling effect. Gemstones have high fashion appeal due to their ability to sparkle brightly, reflecting prisms of light.


Light up your lapel pins with the sparkly gleam of glitter. This popular sparkly effect turns the ordinary into the extraordinary. We can add glitter to make enamel letters and images pop. Glitter is also great for accentuating specific areas of your pin.


Illuminate things in a bold way by adding glow enamel to your pins. Choose this add-on to create fun glow-in-the-dark lapel pins for holidays and special events.

Epoxy Dome

Give your lapel pins a smooth, glassy look with an epoxy dome add-on. Our process covers the face of the pin with layers of clear epoxy, creating a dome shape that is pleasing to the eye. Epoxy also provides an extra layer of protection for pin designs. This ensures they last for years to come.

Back Stamp

Normally, the back of lapel pins are completely blank, but you can have us include the name of your company, organization, or event as a back stamp. The look is similar to engraving, and when the pin is turned around, the back stamp is clearly visible.

Sequential Numbering

If your lapel pins are going to be a limited edition, having each pin numbered is an easy way to add to their collector value. Sequential numbers equate to the number of pins created in a batch. For instance, pins can be numbered from one to 100 or one to 1,000.

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