Custom Lapel Pins: A New Year Resolution Reminder

It’s all too easy to make a resolution on New Year’s Eve and break it within a week. However, Get Lapel Pins offers a way to keep those well-meaning resolutions longer. Find out why customized pins make the perfect present for yourself or a loved one struggling to make changes this year.

Keeping Resolutions with Lapel Pins

Whether your goal is to exercise more, eat less, or just continue to live a healthful life in 2017, customized pins can help you remember your promises. It’s easy to forget your goals when the shouts of ‘Happy New Year’ fade into distant memories. With a lapel pin on your jacket, you’ll have a beautiful, wearable reminder to keep your vows. You can even design pins for your friends and loved ones to encourage them to support you in your goals throughout the year.

Supporting Employees or Customers

Employees who exercise and live healthy lifestyles are less likely to get sick – and bring their colds and flus into the office. If you want to support your employees in keeping their resolutions, consider gifting them with customized lapel pins that remind them to do just that. New Year’s resolution pins are also great gifts for loyal customers who might be struggling to keep promises of their own.

Customizing Designs

There are many reasons that Get Lapel Pins is a top choice for customizable pins. No matter what resolution you want to promote, we can help you design and build a uniquely beautiful pin. Some designs are so unique, they are bound to catch the pin wearer’s attention every time they look in the mirror, thus reminding them of new goals and aspirations. Plus, you get a digital version of your lapel pin, so you can review it before placing an order. Choose a design that helps your employees, your customers, and your business achieve New Year’s goals in 2017.

Order Your Lapel Pins Today

Whether you’re looking for hard enamel pins, soft enamel, die struck, or something else entirely, Get Lapel Pins can meet your needs. And our team of top artists has the skill and experience to design something memorable every time. Ready to order customized pins for your team? Contact us online to get started.