Happy Holidays

     It's the holidays and you know what that means: PRESENTS! YEAAAAAH! But hey, you shouldn't be thinking about the kinds of presents you're getting, but the ones that you're giving! That's what the true holiday spirit is about (at least that's what I've been told).

     This year I am trying to do the selfless thing. I purchased gifts for my family and friends, and even bought and donated a gift for a foster child... and of course there was a sale at Best Buy so I bought some video games for myself. Who says you can't give to yourself?

     If you are looking to donate to a cause for the holidays, amazon has a great list of toys you can easily purchase for needy kids through their website. There's also plenty of toy donation bins at local retailers where you can drop off a toy for the less fortunate. We also offer our Smile Train pins to help support Cleft Palate children. Whichever rout you go I encourage you to make a donation. With the ease of the internet you don't even have to leave your home anymore, all that's a required is a few clicks of the mouse and you've made someone's holidays brighter.

     So please, consider a donation this year, and Happy Holidays everyone.