Pins Means Business

     The word "business" doesn't exactly scream "fun," but that doesn't mean you have to conform to the presumptions of language. Sure you can go through the motions: business cards, name tags, assigning your own Dwight and Jim and watching the comedy ensue, or you can lighten up the place with some wearable fun. That's where we come in.
Now I know what you're thinking... "lapel pins? fun?"

     Well... yeah! They're simple, they're elegant, they're attractive, and despite their simplicity, they're fun! There's something about that shiny, sturdy, palm-sized piece of metal that's just appealing. It's no wonder The Walt Disney Company has managed to make an entire culture out of them.

     Chances are if you own a business you've already got visual assets. Logos, mascots, slogans, symbols, and achievements are just a few of the many options we can help you convert into a wearable symbol. Have an employee of the month and want to celebrate them? Give them a badge of honor! Celebrating your 10th anniversary from a small start-up? Brag about it on your collar! Want to create employee unity without lame matching shirts with varying sizes you can never get right? Create something not only people don't mind wearing, but they have fun wearing!

     So next time you think business has to be all boardrooms and water-coolers remember... we're living in a an age where we've turned the tables on the English language. Dorky is cool, retro is modern,  and business is fun! Let us help you prove it!