Recognition Pins & Boosting Morale

Everybody wants to be acknowledged for his or her contributions, and customized pins provide a simple-yet-effective way to do just that. Over the years, lapel pins have proven to be incredibly versatile, with businesses, organizations, clubs, and sports teams using them to recognize accomplishments, reward individuals for their hard work, boost morale, and incentivize greater involvement and productivity. 

How Lapel Pins Improve Team Morale

Customized pins can be used in a variety of ways. For example, an organization may give out different colored pins to signify various contributions or levels of involvement. Similarly, a club might use pins of varying colors to signify increasing levels of success, the way that martial artists earn different colored belts as they move up in rank. Additionally, a lapel pin might be handed out as a one-time reward for a staff member or teammate in recognition of a job well done or upon completion of a certain milestone.

Motivating Your Group to Succeed

Using customized pins in this way can also serve as a powerful motivator. Often, teachers will use various types of pins to serve as incentive for students who learn new skills or perform particularly well on a given assignment. Likewise, a company may give out different pins to employees who reach certain goals. By having a variety of pins that people can collect, organizations can give people something to strive for, providing a greater motivation.

Also, pins don't have to be given on their own. Organizations will often hand out customized pins in conjunction with a plaque or certificate in order to recognize an individual's accomplishment. In this way, the pins can serve as a wearable symbol of success, as opposed to a framed certificate that has to stay on the wall.

If you're interested in getting customized pins for your organization or group, then let us help. Our dedicated team is here to guide you through every step of the process. Not sure what kind of pin you want? No problem. Our artists and designers will work with you to build your pin from the ground up, ensuring that you have a pin that suits your needs. From concept to production, we're here for you, so contact our dedicated team today.