Learn the Lingo: Lapel Pin Terminology

If you’re thinking about ordering custom lapel pins for your business or organization, then there is some terminology that you should probably know first. After all, lapel pins might seem simple, but they come with a surprising number of different options, and it’s important to know what’s available so that you can create pins to best suit your needs.


When you think of a lapel pin, you’re likely thinking of the adornment. Simply put, the adornment is the face of the pin. It’s where your logo or custom design goes, and it’s what you show off to the rest of the world when you wear your pin. Adornments from Get Lapel Pins are available in hard enamel, soft enamel, and die struck metal.


Just as the name implies, the attachment is how the adornment is fastened. At Get Lapel Pins, we offer a wide array of different attachments, all of which can be applied to any type of adornment to create a custom lapel pin.

Rubber Clutch

A standard attachment option, a rubber clutch is simply a small stopper that goes onto the back of the lapel pin to secure it in place.

Safety Pin

Safety pins have been a reliable fastener for over a hundred years, and they’re a wonderful way to attach lapel pins.

Screw On

If you’re interested in heavy-duty lapel pin security, then the screw-on option may be for you. For a mere thirty cents extra, you can have an attachment that screws into the back of your adornment.


Adornments aren’t just used to create lapel pins. With the cufflink option, you can turn your adornment into stylish shirt sleeve fasteners.

Keychain Options

You can do more than simply wear your adornments. At Get Lapel Pins, we offer a variety of different keychain options, from a standard key ring to a key ring with a claw, giving you a whole different way to show off your adornments.

Contact Get Lapel Pins for Assistance

These are just a few of the options available from Get Lapel Pins, where we offer top-quality products at the best prices. If you’re interested in created a custom lapel pin, then you don’t have to do it alone. Our expert artists and art designers will help walk you through the process of creating your own custom adornments. If you’re interested in learning more about Get Lapel Pins’ services, then contact our team today.