Our Customer Service

     Customer service is something we all experience nearly every day. Whatever side of it we're on, the customer or the employee, we all know how it can affect our day, our experience, and our general mood. Most of us get caught up in the "transaction" and tend to forget about the "interaction." But it's the interaction that stands out. We know we're capable of getting what we want, and living in an age where you can often skip the human interaction all together and order items online through an automated system, we're becoming less dependent on employee to customer engagement. However there's still something pleasant, and usually preferable about human interaction, at least if it's done right.

     I think when we all deal with the customer service process we often tend to focus on the item we're trying to buy or sell. Sometimes we forget all together about the person on the other side of the transaction. Whether its buying a coffee at the gas station or a pair of new socks at a department store, we often exchange less than a handful of words, most of them consisting of automatic "thank yous" and "you're welcomes." However, once in a while something more is struck up: how your team finally won the world series, how pretty those earrings are, or something as simple as the sudden change of weather. It's these occasions that stick with us and make the exchange of items and services much much more.

     That's why we here at Get Lapel Pins do more than strive to engage in honest and friendly interaction. When we started this business we decided Customer Service was the most important priority. I know in a world of competing markets barraging commercials that sounds cliche, but we honestly mean it, and If you've already been a customer of ours, you know we do. So let us do more than help you get an easy order of fantastic lapel pins. Let us give you an unforgettable experience. And to all of our customers, both current and future:

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