Pinstant Nostalgia

     There's something about the things in our past that just feels... good. Whether it was a TV show we rushed home from school to watch, a song our parents overplayed on long car trip vacations, or something as simple as a candy we used to eat on special occasions after school, we tend to hold on to these memories fondly. When they present themselves years later we become filled with the indescribable feeling of the magical thing we call "nostalgia."


Celebrating the relics of old is something people just seem to like. It fills us with a sense of pride and recognition of who we were and why we are the person we are today. I know whenever I see an old Nintendo cartridge I'm filled with memories of playing Mega Man 3 with my brother. These things will always hold a special place in my heart that brings a smile to my face even just typing about it.



I'd love to get my hands on some of those memories again. Unfortunately we also live in an age of collectors and internet savvy re-sellers who with a a few clicks can compare and over-price what would once be gems hidden in thrift stores or garage sales (stupid internet! Wait... I need it for this blog... uh, love you internet). It's hard to get your hands on the real deal, but that doesn't mean you can't celebrate your past and reignite your memories with a fun reproduction.

ohhh shiney... and lapelllyy

ohhh shiney... and lapelllyy

     That's what makes the Lapel Pin business so fun. Its so easy to recreate small replicas of our childhood in a small, polished, (and best of all) affordable way. We can create anything from Nintendo characters to movie props, all in a charming pin you can wear on your sleeve, bag or hat.



     So what's your favorite childhood cartoon? What was the first album you ever bought? What was that one video game you spent hours playing with your brother every day after school? What would you like to wear from your past? Let us know in the comments. Heck, if we like your answer enough maybe we'll send you some free pins to celebrate together!