Chipotle vs Moe's

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This blog post doesn’t really have anything to do with pins, but we thought some people might relate, and maybe even enjoy reading this nonsense. So, here we goooooo…

After a busy morning of designing custom lapel pins for our super awesome customers, the Get Lapel Pins team will occasionally take a break and go out to lunch together.

As always, the controversial question of “Where do you wanna eat?” comes up.

Robby begging not to go to Chipotle.

Robby begging not to go to Chipotle.

Someone inevitably suggests Chipotle (because it’s delicious), but Robby whines like a little baby making the outlandish claim that Chipotle is gross and Moe’s is better.

It's obvious Robby is lying — there’s no justifiable reason why one would prefer Moe’s over Chipotle — but I wonder if this lie comes not from a conscious place, but somewhere deep inside. Robby isn't trying to intentionally lie to his Get Lapel Pins coworkers, no, he's simply lying to himself. That is the only reasonable answer.

What motivates this charade of self-deception? I don’t think we’ll ever be able to answer that question — maybe after years of intense therapy and deep meditation Robby will discover what’s behind his taste bud delusion — but for now, I do believe we can definitively show that Robby does not actually think Chipotle is gross. Utilizing the power of the scientific method we should be able to test Robby’s tastebuds and reveal the truth.

So that’s exactly what we did.


Robby does not dislike Chipotle as much as he claims.



If Robby does not know he's eating Chipotle, he'll enjoy the taste.

Test Protocol:


We purchased burrito bowls from each restaurant with all ingredients separated.

  • cilantro rice
  • black beans
  • onions & peppers
  • corn
  • mild salsa
  • chicken


We put two small servings of each ingredient from each restaurant in small plastic cups. So two plastic cups of Moe’s rice, two plastic cups of Chipotle rice, two plastic cups of Moe’s black beans, two plastic cups of Chipotle black beans, and so on.

The cups had previously been covered with white electrical tap, so Robby could not see the contents inside. The Chipotle cups and Moe’s cups were also labeled on the bottom with a “C” or an “M” respectively in order to identify from which restaurant each sample came.

Robby chose the blindfold.

Robby chose the blindfold.


We obscured Robby’s vision using a blindfold — another precaution to insure the anonymity of the samples during testing.


We separated the cups into groups by ingredient.


We shuffled the cups randomly within the groups so Robby and the observers would not know from which restaurant the samples came.


Robby tested the samples one ingredient at a time in this order: 

  1. Chicken
  2. Rice
  3. Beans
  4. Onions & Peppers
  5. Corn
  6. Mild Salsa


Robby rated each sample immediately after tasting — rating on a scale from 1 through 5.

1 being the worst thing he's ever tasted, and 5 being the best.


Before conducting our super scientific study, we interviewed Robby to capture a record of his delusion.

Mac (left) & Robby (right)

Mac (left) & Robby (right)

Mac: So, we gotta talk about Chipotle vs Moe’s—

Robby: Ok.

Mac: And how you think Chipotle is... well, what, what do you think? tell me about what you think.

Robby: Well, I think Chipotle is highly overrated.

Mac: Ok.

"blah blah blah, I'm Robby"

"blah blah blah, I'm Robby"

Robby: I feel like everybody just loves it for some reason. It's awful. It's uncomparable. I mean, you have no choices. Even the limited choices you have are so narrow because of the way they spice the meat. The meat is super pre-seasoned. So, it's like you can't get steak if you don't like spicy food, because they over spice the steak.

Mac: So they season it?

Robby: Yeah.

Mac: 'Cause Moe’s, they don't season their food. It tastes bland.

Robby: I mean Chipotle's got that gross cilantro rice.

Mac: Well, Moe's now has that.

Robby: As an option! 

Mac: Yeah, but they like, they saw Chipotle and they said, "All right well, Chipotle knows what they're doin'. So we gotta bite Chipotle's style."

Robby: No, they were just like, "Yeah, let's offer another option 'cause—“

Mac: "'Cause that's all we have are options."

Moe's menu has clever names?!?

Moe's menu has clever names?!?

Robby: "We realize that people want choices." Moe's has like a whole menu. They've got clever names.

Mac: Yes, Moe's has more, but who cares?

Robby: Ummm... most people I think. So, why just give them this weird, this weird narrow option that people generally don't like.

Mac: Because it's the best. Chipotle gives you the best options, and that's it.

Robby: I... If that's the best, then I don't know. I don't even know what to say to that. 

Mac: "If that's the best, give me the worst." is what you're saying, 'cause you like Moe’s.







Moe’s: It’s pretty good. It’s got a spice, but it’s not spicy.

Chipotle: It’s kind of bland at first, and then a little bit of spice kicks in.







Moe’s: That one, tastes like nothin’. I don’t think I got cilantro or anything. Weird.

Chipotle: Not super cilantroy, but it’s there. It’s zestier. I like that one more







Moe’s: It’s more beany. Just tastes like beans.

Chipotle: It’s pretty good. I kind of like it. Maybe a bit too spicy for me.








Moe’s: Mmmm. I like that one. It’s a little sweet.

Chipotle: It’s kind of whatever. I don’t really taste the onion, just the pepper.







Moe’s: Ooh, I don’t like that one. It’s soury tasting.

Chipotle: Holy crap! That’s spicy… I kind of like it, minus the spiciness. It’s more corny tasting that’s for sure.







Moe’s: It’s good. It’s like if you go to a Mexican restaurant and they give you chips and put a little bottle of salsa in front of you. That’s what it is basically.

Chipotle: Spicy and soury. Not a fan of that.


Now, after looking at the results, what does this all mean?

Ummm... we have no idea. Doing science and interpreting data is way over our heads! If you're able to deduce anything relevant from these results, please let us know.

Also, is there a better way we could put Robby's taste buds to the test? We love feedback at Get Lapel Pins, so please leave us a comment.

Get Free Chipotle!

(or Moe's — if you want)

To celebrate the irrefutable success of this super scientific study, Get Lapel Pins will be sending $25 Chipotle or Moe’s gift cards to our awesome wholesale pin customers. Here’s how you can get a gift card:


Make sure you’re a wholesale pin customer. (Did you order 50 or more custom pins from us? Sweeeet! You’re a wholesale pin customer.)


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Someone from Get Lapel Pins will contact you and get everything squared away.

Isn’t that cool?!? (This  was Robby’s idea!)

We have fun.

We have fun.


Ok, so that’s the end of that blog post. We hope you enjoyed it.

Until next time!


- Mac