Support Social Causes with Custom Lapel Pins

For more than two decades now, custom lapel pins have been a way for everyday people to show support for the causes that they care about. In the early ‘90s, red lapel ribbons with the familiar single loop design became a way for people to raise social awareness about the dangers of HIV/AIDS. Since then, colored pins have emerged for virtually any cause you can imagine, from green ribbons highlighting the need to protect the environment, to yellow custom lapel pins supporting military members and their families. Recently, one of the most widely used ribbons has been light pink to raise awareness of breast cancer.

Bring People Together for a Cause

Without question, lapel pins are a subtle-yet-powerful way to spread the word about the issues that affect our society. In addition to increasing awareness, they can also be used to raise money for the causes that they represent. Plus, colored lapel pins help people around the country, and even across the globe, to come together in support of important causes. These pins denote a special club and can be used to encourage new members to join the fight and have their voices heard as well.

Today, lapel pins are so widely used that virtually no color represents only a single cause. In fact, some colors, such as purple, are used to raise awareness for a dozen or more issues. Still, this overlap in no way dampens the impact that these pins can have, making them just as valuable today as they were 20 years ago.

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Whether you want to order lapel pins for a well-known social issue or you want to create a new design for a unique cause, our team of experts is here to help. Our dedicated team of artists and art directors will guide you through every stage of the process. During the design phase, we'll even provide you with a digital version of your custom pin so that you can make any changes before it's made. With our years of experience, our company offers superior results at the best prices. So, if you need custom lapel pins for any cause, be sure to contact us today.